New Technology

New Technology

  • Digital x-rays have numerous advantages over film. Digital X-rays, cuts radiation exposure up to 90%, they are faster and better for the environment;

  • State of the art infection control and sterilization procedures to ensure that our patients receive dental care in the safest environment possible. Infection control is our top priority and we are always looking for ways to improve it;

  • Intraoral cameras, we can show you magnified pictures of your teeth on the computer screen. See for yourself if you have any problem areas which need attention. Intraoral cameras allow you to see and understand your own mouth and needs, as well as to see the treatment that's been completed;

  • Intraoral scanner, we are using the TRIOS Intraoral Scanner. 3Shape TRIOS is a very cool resource that allows us to take digital impressions in true colour! Say goodbye to Gagging Impressions! Check out the short video of a live scan.

  • Computerized electronic dental records, all your personal and health information is safe and meets PIPEDA/HIPAA guidelines, including your x-rays;

  • We use the newest and the best materials available on the market today.